All of my illustrations are created in Adobe Illustrator and exported as vector graphics. Usually they're used to compliment the various web pages I design. I believe that having an understanding of illustration and traditional art is a critical aspect of being a well rounded designer.

Print Media

Valiant Comics Cross Promotion

Here are four Valiant comic books covers I created for a cross promotional deal between Valiant Comics and Comic Collector Live. These covers are interesting because they combine traditional art, digital art and photo manipulation to achieve the appearance of real action figure packaging. The covers were designed in Adobe Photoshop in 2015 when I was 18 years old.

Brochures, Business Cards & Misc. Print Design

UI & Front End Development

Comic Collector Live Major Update

These are just a few of the many pages I designed, prototyped and developed for a major update to Comic Collector Live, a large internet community for comic book collectors. Designing and prototyping was done in Adobe XD, and all development was done in Microsoft Visual Studio.

WatchaWatcha Development

These are a few of the core pages for WatchaWatcha, a product for reviewing content creators. I designed and protyped all pages in Adobe XD, created all illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, and brought it to life in Microsoft Visual Studio.

GoLoco Media Website Redesign

This is a simple redesign for the GoLoco Media corporate website. The design started on pencil and paper, made it's way to Adobe XD for the design and prototype and was built and developed using Atom text editor, SASS style sheet language and was compiled using node-sass compiler.


Traditional Art